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embroidered logo - supply your own apparel or have get it off us - we will embroider it all
Your caps or ours - we will embroider anything!

5 reasons to invest in Embroidered Branding

1.  Affordability - Customized logo embroidery is affordable - compared to almost any other form of brand advertising embroidery is the most cost effective and long lasting
2.  Noticable - Apparel embroidery provides instant identification of your business and your staff.  Plus your employees become walking billboards advertising your business wherever they go
3.  Professional - Embroidered logos provide a durable and professional look for your business and your staff
4. Long-lasting - your embroidered logo is made from high quality threads that will not fade, fray, unravel or fail - it will in fact probably outlast the garment it is sewn on to 
5. Oooodles of options - You can brand for your self and your staff or you can brand for corporate gifts and customer give-aways.  We can embroider pretty much anything t-shirts / polos / jackets / pants / masks / caps / beanies / hats / towels / sheets / napkins / umbrellas / bags / backpacks etc etc - the list goes on and on

How Much will my  Logo Cost ?

This is a FAQ which is hard to answer - it is a bit like 'how long is a piece of string?' - every logo is different and the price is always dependant on a number of things - the size of the logo, the complexity of the logo and essentially how many stitches there are in the logo - we need to put the logo through a specialized programme before we can give you an exact price so email us a picture of your logo and we will give you a price

Your Apparel - Or Ours ?

We are happy to embroider items that we provide or that you provide - below is a list of the suppliers we buy from - if you don't already have your items check out these websites
Dri Gear



Minimum Orders?

We have no minimums - we will look after your embroidery needs from 1 item upward !!

Contact us!!!!

Give us a call on 027 555 5573 or email us at to discuss your logo / branding needs

A small gallery of some of the logos we have done recently